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Have you ever invested your money in marketing? Did you feel the investment didn’t gave you the returns you expected to achieve? Or did it feel like there was no clarity about how much and what you want to achieve from your marketing efforts? If answers to these questions are Yes. Then this program is for you.


Many Business Owners shop around for different digital marketers and invest money in various promotional activities with a hope that, the investment would give them the best possible return. But without a clarity of what are they expecting the investment to achieve. Marketing plan is the first step to your sales and marketing strategies.


Sales and Marketing Plan program runs in 4 session for a week. Sales and Marketing Plan program helps you achieve clear direction for your sales and marketing efforts. Marketing Plan help you define your marketing strategy and identify the best activities and channels to market your products or services. This involves achieving a good understanding of your Market and Business to create successful marketing strategies. It would also help you identify the right marketing channels for your business. Marketing is incomplete without investments made for it. This program will also help you gain some clarity on how the performance of your marketing efforts is compared to the investments made in it.

This program empowers you with knowledge and clarity. All this, while saving you time along with the convenience of having a business expert guiding you throughout.


Key highlights includes:

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