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My Passion is Business analysis. At the age of 15, I realized my interest was in number crunching and business analysis. Since last 20+ years I have worked in roles supporting management and senior stakeholders, performing business analysis in 360-degree perspective of the business. Thus, focusing on adding value in decision making to achieve Business objectives.

Born and raised in country where boys are given preference, while girls existence was not even acknowledged but easily exploited. It was a long path towards education, career, and growth. Following my passion of business analysis led me to travel across various countries in the world. But seems like my destiny was in a foreign land. Without any plans and efforts the drama of life turned so quickly, within 3 months I had landed in Australia. It has been decades since I now call Melbourne as my home.
Felt like being thrown in the ocean of challenges. Finding my feet on a land without any support of  family or friends. Familiarising myself with the culture, behaviours, beliefs and language was a big challenge in itself. This also impacted my business performance and decisions. Parenting two kids without even 1day of break for years, certainly impacted my mental and physical health. It was getting very stressful of manage business and life both at the same time. The financial burden was getting heavier day by day. It felt like drowning in the pool of negative thinking accompanied with anxiety and depression. I started procrastinating. Not implementing my plans as I had no clarity about what to do next. My mind was all over the place. It was also a very lonely space to be in as a business owner. No one out there to hold my hand in this journey.

Until one fine day universe decided to hold my hand. I went on a soul-searching journey. Seeking various avenues along with spirituality to help me heal internally. Opening up my mind to learn what I don’t know, gave me the skills to lead my personal and professional life efficiently. And coaching gave me clarity about my direction and decisions. A journey that uncovered my purpose.
My Purpose is to accumulate the stock of blessings by doing good karma every single day. But the question was, how do I practically implement my purpose, managing all aspects of life? Best way for me was to blend it in my Passion, making it a part of my living and doing. Thus, my journey of being a Business Coach and Management Consultant started. Every session enabled me to add that positive value in other person’s life.

This gave birth to “Amplify My Business” supporting people in the role of a Coach has empowered their aspirations to thrive. Every session enlightens my clients with a realization or new learning. Motivating them to be a better version of themselves and living a better life. The business knowledge and clarity they receive in a coaching and consulting sessions helps business owner to clear the clouds and find a path towards abundance. As each client is unique, we have individually tailored programs implementing the successful business concepts. Making business a profitable investment that works without you. Hence, we endeavour to Transform your Business and Lives to attain Abundance with knowledge and clarity.

Our logo shows our values. We imbibe these values for ourself as well in our service to clients. Business can be lonely and stressful to be in. As a mental health first aider, we serve the community in this space financially and physically. I provide charity session for the ones in distress. We also support the business community sponsor various community events. We believe in environmental sustainability and supports green products.

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