What is your reason for buying or starting your business? Motivating factor for many Business Owners is to have freedom and flexibility of time. For others, it is earning more money and being your own Boss. But have you achieved your goals since you first thought about your business?

Many business owners work for long hours and on weekends, slowly causing stress and impacting their health. Then to manage growing work, they hire employees. With the hope that it will free up some of their time. But it does not really end up helping time management. In fact this adds a different aspect of stress. The result is still the same. If you are also in one of these boats, then these coaching sessions are best for you.

Having a proper structure and managing each area of business efficiently helps build a strong foundation for your business. Theoretical definition of business is the production, distribution, and sale of goods and services for a profit. Business functions like an investment machine. The best way to achieve optimum benefits, is to have this profitable investment run WITHOUT you. A growing business needs a strong foundation. If you are thinking of growing or have a desire to achieve your vision, then this business coaching program is for you.accelerated

This is a 6 months very structured program with weekly sessions. The program would follow a structured step by step process to build up a strong foundation and pave your path towards growth. The coaching sessions are designed to investigate various areas of business and YOU. Such as mindset, planning, financials, sales &marketing, time-managements, KPIs, employee management and processes. The session implements the concepts of Business Administration, Neuro-linguistic programming, Neuroscience and Emotional Intelligence. This program also includes access to excel base tools for different functions of the business. The focus is not only to fulfil your desire of learning, you will also be accountable to implement your learnings practically in your business. Weekly sessions keep you up on your toes. It is your commitment to your BUSINESS GROWTH.

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