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Do you spend lot of your productive time explaining the same thing again and again to your employees? Do you have more than 3 employees in your business or planning to hire more? Or do you face challenges managing your customers/suppliers interactions in a consistent and systematic manner? If the answer for any of these questions is yes, then this program is for you. 


Processes, procedures, and standards explain how you want your business to operate. Developing processes, procedures and standards is particularly important if you are in the early stages of establishing a business, or when you are trying to rebuild or grow a business that has been underperforming. Processes and procedures can also improve the consistency of product and service delivery by your staff. Policy and procedure manual is a key business tool for any organization. A policy manual provides general overview of organizational policies to detailed processes/procedures.


For any business, policies and processes takes shape based on the Business Owners operating style and internal systems. Hence, they are unique to every Business. Policy manual provides a roadmap for day-to-day operations. In addition to saving time figuring out processes, a documented procedure manual reduces mistakes and improves employee efficiency. However, policies and procedures will not do your organization any good if your employees do not follow them. This program is aimed to carve, record and systemise the existing processes of the Business. We work with the Business Owner to review the existing policies and work towards finalising the effective and efficient process and policy for the Business. This is a 2-week 5 session program.
This program empowers you with knowledge and guidance. All this, while saving you time along with the convenience of having a business expert guiding you throughout.


This program will help you outline the policies in the following areas in detail.

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