One-Off Clarity Coaching Session

One-Off Clarity Coaching Session

Do you have many ideas and not sure which one to go with? Are you confused on which step to take first? Or how to progress ahead? Is there something that is bothering you? And you are not sure how to deal with it? If answers to any of these questions is yes, then this coaching session may be helpful to you. Sometimes entrepreneurs and small business folk have a tricky question, or they just need an expert to give them their options fast. That is why we offer coaching and mentoring in 1-hour sessions. No minimums, no contracts, no subscriptions, just one hour “see how you go” sessions.


As your mind jumps around from one thought to another, we help you reflect and become more self-aware. This starts the process of change and when you are deeply engaged in a conversation with us, you give full attention to that communication process and distractions are minimised. Your brains have an opportunity to tap into various regions and enhance neural activity in the areas that it is required.  

These are standalone individual sessions. And with no commitments for any additional sessions. It is an hour session. At times it might take more than one session to achieve the clarity for a challenge you have on hand. It completely depends upon what situation we are working on, hence is very subjective to client and variable to the situation. The sessions are priced at $185 including GST per session. If you need to seek some advice before making any commitments, then book in your one-off sessions today.


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