Cash Flow Management

Would you like to work with Management Consultant only on a specific area of your business? Do you have clarity on which area of your business require support? Are you an experienced business owner currently facing business challenges? Or this is an initial phase of your business and you would like some guidance on one area at a time? 

The management consulting section focusses on the following: 

Cash Flow Management

In this program we will invest time to go through your Business Cash flow. We will help you analyze your current cash flow for the business and prepare a cash flow forecast. We will also look at any rolling cash gaps you may have. And finally, help you build strategies around your cash flow to maintain a smooth cash flow cycle.

Pricing Models

Pricing is the reflection of everything you do as a business. Price defines the worth of the product you manufacture, and the value it provides to your customer. It is the tangible price point to let customers know whether it is worth their time and investment. Your pricing strategies could shape your overall profitability for the future.

Annual Business Planning and Goal Setting

At a new year, goal-setting is typically on your mind. While initial motivation for change may be high, statistics show most of the New Year’s resolutions are broken. As time passes either the motivation drops or lose focus on your goals. They say, Human mind is a huge web. With lots of efforts, you might get a glimpse of your conscious mind. But it also includes an unconscious component playing a very important role. Digging in your subconscious mind is difficult to do it on your own. Neuro-Linguistics Programming (NLP) is a tool that helps you tap in.

Sales & Marketing Plan

Many Business Owners shop around for different digital marketers and invest money in various promotional activities with a hope that, the investment would give them the best possible return. But without a clarity of what are they expecting the investment to achieve. Marketing plan is the first step to your sales and marketing strategies.

Policies and Process Manual

Processes, procedures, and standards explain how you want your business to operate. Developing processes, procedures and standards is particularly important if you are in the early stages of establishing a business, or when you are trying to rebuild or grow a business that has been underperforming. Processes and procedures can also improve the consistency of product and service delivery by your staff. Policy and procedure manual is a key business tool for any organization. A policy manual provides general overview of organizational policies to detailed processes/procedures.

Strategic Business Plan

A Business Plan is a document that describes your business, the products and services you sell, the customers that you sell to, and financials of your Business. It explains your business strategy. Which includes how you are going to build and grow your business, what your marketing strategy is, and who your competitors are. When you are starting out, your business plan can help you to secure financing and investment. But your business plan does more than tell others what your plans are. A good business plan can help you test the feasibility of your new business idea, set operational and financial objectives, and make sure your business is manageable and effective.

These are unique programs tailored to your Business and your unique personality. These programs are structured for you to work, implement, and improve individual aspect of your business in a specific timeframe.
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